79/100: “My beard is a boss” An original song about my beard

79/100: I wrote this song because my sister does actually hate my beard and she wanted me to make a video about her. So this is a song directly inspired by her and her hate for my facial hair. :) This is a song written about and to my beard.

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My sister hates you but I’m gonna let you grow anyway
My sister hates but you’ve grown attached and you want to stay

My boss says I’m looking more and more like Cat Stevens
and the very next day now he says I’m looking just like jesus

My aunts telling me that I’m looking like a homeless man
I’ll never get a real job with my hippie hair and lack of plans

My friend hates you but I think that he just don’t understand
I’d love to show him what it’s like to have a beard and a band

When you first started out you were just a little scruffy pup
But you’re older now and a boss with the ladies so that’s what’s up

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